Storytelling with a Photowalk

Storytelling with a Photowalk

Namaste, A special New Year Eve celebration for all ages-  Since the beginning of time, Poetry, Storytelling, House Music and Songs Around Bonfire have been an important event in the Traditional Yogic Spirituality where   lessons were taught and learned. This New Year Eve is an opportunity to gain an insight into how a culture thrived before the written word became common practice, attend. Engage. Be inspired … and support a living tradition.

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The Holistic Benefits of Storytelling & Poetry around the Campfire

  • Enhances a feeling of happiness and relaxation
  • Increases participant’s willingness to express suppressed emotions and feelings
  • Promotes active participation
  • Encourages use of imagination and creativity
  • Encourages cooperation between participants
  • Enhances listening skills with Mantra
  • Ignites the Laughter

Storytelling with Captivating Visuals

Images fascinate all of us as another way of telling compelling stories. We normally see people and places but we don’t quite remember them to craft gripping a story. If we capture the same in our cameras or phones then we could drive our storytelling with captivating visuals. That’s why We organize and facilitate Storytelling sessions with a Photowalk in different cities to know and connect better with people and places.

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