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Rishikesh Holistic Center
Tapovan Sarai | Luxman Jhula, Badrinath Road, Rishikesh 249192, India.

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First floor. 1372, Udyan II, ELDECO, Lucknow, India

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Let what you love be what you do and live your life by design. Join our international group of Trained Facilitators and start fulfilling your purpose today.

DElotus Advaya Holistic Health Solutions

DElotus invites people to contribute their skills, time, talent and experience through our various social activity. DElotus (Flowering of Innate Human Potential)  workshops are arranged to answer many of your questions and the practical sessions are designed to bring about a transformation in your life. A wide range of multimedia video and CDs presentations on related topics would also be presented during this workshop to give you the best possible information and enrich you overall.