LIFE coaching

Yogic LIFE Coaching: Just 90 Minutes to a New You

We are one of the Leading Transformational Coaching Center, working with the mind n body, the emotions, and consciousness, through employable tools and techniques. We are pleased to support our ever increasing clientele and to transform them on the most basic levels.

Why ‘n’ what is Yogic LIFE Coaching ?

We all have to grow with our innate potential and develop our latent skills. But the question is HOW, whether we should choose the regular way of mind ( conscious) or the challenging path of a body( subconscious). Our method is body and mind so that you can regain your inner strength and fly.

But unfortunately, life experiences get in our way and block our ability to go forward and enjoy life holistically. We get stuck in circumstances or sometimes even happily become the prisoner of our past and slowly we end up feeling helpless and lack the motivation to go forward. DElotus Advaya Holistic Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Yogic Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to get this motivation back and flower your fullest potential to realize your dreams and aspirations. And The real answers are in yogic sciences but just gymnastically driven postures but beyond Asanas or postures.

DELotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential Coaching will give you the confidence to think proactively in terms of your future and will provide you the support necessary for the achievement of your goal. We have been also featured in Harper’s Bazaar, NEWS Nation, Zee TV, and BBC as well as the many magazines Health journals with articles and advice on work and life issues.

Our Life Coach will be to enable you to find the following:

  • Reconnect with your inner self, with your Desires, Dreams, and Purpose
  • Understand yourself deeply.
  • Re-evaluate the fundamental questions of your life or an aspect of your life that no longer seem satisfactory.
  • to recognize and Transcend the Challenges
  • to uncover your skills and workable strategies
  • to fine-tune changes and Transform them
  • Be completely responsible for the choices and adjustments you have made
  • Love yourself unconditionally for that and all you are
  • Above all my ultimate intention to become more Contented, Freer, Clearer & BE Confident Individual.