Self-defense & Self-protection

Self-Defense, Personal Safety & Self Protection

The Physical Path to Enlightenment – Physical Active Meditation

The Spiritual aspects   of the Martial Arts

Do you long to be touched by inner core you may call soul? Do you seek genuine spiritual experiences?

Then The technique, skills, and tools of Self Protection are a great help, it may sound strange but since centuries sages were ferocious warriors also.

Self-Defense as a Spiritual obligation

Self-defense, personal safety  & self-protection worth exploring deeper by serious seekers, invite you to join  DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM    workshops and sessions for a further exploration of profound spiritual meaning to Self-defense techniques as well as you will be more mindful around your soundings. As an Aikido, Tai Chi and Krav maga  Practitioner I am very much aware of principles of energy and how we can harmonize for and to both Internal awaking and personal safety in daily life. If you happen to attend our workshop and seminars, you will probably find immensely enriching physically as well as spiritually.

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