Natural Healing Holiday & Mindfulness Retreats

 Rejuvenate, Relax and Restart

In today’s commercial world, where most people long for right approach to 3 Rs’:

DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM – Retreats brings the perfect and Holistic solution for all three while illuminating your mind, body and soul. Once you shut down from your daily activities, and sink deep into the Retreat activities, the total happiness will embrace you all around.

Preventive Wellness  Holiday & Mindfulness Retreats

The methods we adapt in our Retreats are exceptionally different. We make your experience Retreat through innovative techniques of Yoga and Meditation, Tibetian Rites, Tai Chi, Meditative Martial Arts, Relaxing Shirodhara, Laughter, Forest Bathing and many others. Different and distinct Meditative techniques facilitate emotional healing, aromatherapy, herbalism and many other ways are used to heal and revive your spirit. With DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM healing holidays, you get a chance to discover the new you, a positive mind and a revived soul by renewing yourself in luxurious surroundings

Needless to mention, the techniques are exclusively offered in one go by our award winning trainers.

World of Holistic Health:

Our yoga and spiritual therapies & techniques are totally different. They help you reclaiming lost focus on self to bloom up your holistic health and wellness by rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

It is our challenge that your body will “Thank You” for gaining mantras of endless benefits.

Feel the difference by gaining following benefits:

The techniques are the conjunction to gain perfection to overcome many problems of life

Following are the marked benefits:

  • The techniques used at retreat improve mind balance, endurance, flexibility and strength.
  • There is a definite increase in sharpness of mind, a sharp decline in stress and anxiety.
  • Problems like depression, sleep disorders like insomnia, poor concentration can be overcome.
  • This technique is best for those who are experiencing difficulty with change in season or are allergic to natural agents like dust, pollen etc or with compromised or weak immune system as the techniques in retreat helps in boosting our overall immune system as well.
  • Chronic conditions like asthma, chronic neck and back pain can be managed and healthier lifestyle can be adapted.

Integrative Wellness Workshops, Holistic Retreats & Healing Holidays

                Experiences of Participants:

  1. “I had been working non- stop from 9-6 and thereafter, managing my family at home. There was a time when I was over-ruled by physical and mental stress. I was suffering from sleep disorders and it was a total loss of energy.

Then my friend advised me to take up Delotus Retreat. The therapies I had experienced are amazing which had helped me to rediscover myself.”  Mrs. Shilpa Shukla  from Mumbai

  1. “ Post my C- section delivery, I had suffered from severe back pain for years. My family outing to Retreat Delotus had helped me to come out of this suffering. I would prefer all my friends to once experience Retreat by Delotus” Ms. Sarah  from Australia .

So, come and embark on this journey to experience joyful fusion of holistic health, complete wellness and ultimate happiness.


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