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The art of storytelling views the storyteller, the performer –storyteller in this role – as an “unstoppable Hero Journey” idol. The storyteller humanizes all the characters in the story. The narrator creates the story’s background, the atmosphere, the voices, sounds and the situation.  With seer oratory, an orator can create a series of fast-changing metaphors, as one image becomes the next depiction.

Storytelling Techniques for Electrifying Public Speaking

Workshops and Sessions Available 

  •  Effective creative Technique  Workshop,
  •  Adapting and editing Workshop,
  •  Accent & Voice Workshop,
  •  Storyteller-audience  Workshop,
  •  Storytelling workshop,
  •  Voice and speech Workshop,

Objectives and/or Takeaways:

Realize how to tell the stories that mesmerize, motivate and induce an action among the audience!

Discover what the most Successful Techniques, Tools, and Skills.

Learn how to optimize the power of storytelling to be more confident, expand your power and connect with a larger audience!

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