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किं वावसादकर आत्मवताम्

We are committed to coach our clients in appropriate and responsible Problem-Solving Behaviors, Techniques, Tools And Requisite Skills so they are equipped enough to manage their personal and professional affairs such as Health, Emotional  Health,  Spiritual Health, Self-Protection,  Nutrition, And Soft -Skills.  We provide a one-on-one session with DElotus  Advaya Holistic  Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd   Inspired preventive wellness programs and other resources that may contribute to their more stable and fulfilling lives.

Workshops are open to all,  in the Delotus  Advaya Holistic  Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd   Inspired programs.  Fulfilling our mission of providing holistic solutions, our sessions cover the mental, physical, emotional and social well-being aspects of self-sufficiency.


  • Listen Skills to Understand Vocal Technique
  • Make a genuine Friendship  through Oratory
  • Master Affirmative, Confident Body Language
  • Build Power Presence
  • Develop  Your Personal Style


In-Person Sessions Available In Mumbai, Lucknow & Delhi )

Drop us a line. Give us a ring. Say “Namaste”
Available through Skype Worldwide. For in-person sessions by appointment only,

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