How to discover the Storyteller within You

How to discover the Storyteller within You

Within all of us there is   storyteller hidden, these storytelling   workshops for Trainers and Teachers are the acknowledgment of undeniable presence of stories in all aspects of our lives. We even not aware of that how stories shape our personalities. DElotus| Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM Storytellers courses, workshops and storytelling festivals are intended to revive and discover the Indian art of storytelling and your ability to tell the stories.

Storytellers in Education

Well, if stories are important, then your innate narrative ability to tell the stories  or your capability to put your emotions and messages  into words are important too. How to we educate, motivate, and even provoke people? I think through the stories.

The Power of Storytellers

So when you teach or train someone through stories, you also train your innate writer, narrator, leader and teacher. Your job is not only to lead people and  but also galvanize their deepest  desire to communicate.

The Stories, Nature, Yoga, Meditation, Pets, Forest, Theater, Dance and the Rhythm of Natural Life can revive a person and make it possible for them to dig their own soul at a deeper level and tell an engaging story from the very core of their truest self.

Our   Exceptional Storyteller workshops   for Trainers, leaders, artists , practitioners and Teachers sets-out brief and reliable storytellers technique to address an significant queries  on why and how to create Presentation. Because even god speaks to us in stories.

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Storytellers can Heal, Transform, Inspire & Transcend

 DElotus| Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM Storyteller reviving Techniques are created for everyone who want to express their own truths, form a deeper connection, reclaim their inner voice, feel empowered in their unique self-expression & be inspired as the brave and spirited storyteller.

Traveling Storytellers

There are lots of things one can gain from traveling different places such as new acquaintances, new experiences and new stories. It is absolutely essential for a Storyteller to travel that’s why at DElotus| Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM we conduct, facilitate and lead storytelling retreats,  road-trips, expedition, pet-centric holidays and photowalks, because when travel you tell very different stories. The road-trips and expeditions    give us  access to stories,  people  and opportunities  to take candid pictures.

Storytellers (1-to-1 sessions)

Become a Better storyteller:   connect today and join Storytellers Courses online Courses, Classes, For Trainers, leaders, artists, practitioners and Teachers and Tutorials on 1-to-1.

If you wish to be an engaging storyteller, you have to have smart public-speaking skills to motivation to travel and experience new things.   Our Storytellers workshops and retreats provide   step by step coaching in storytelling and other related techniques, so that you can cultivate your very own narratives, anecdotes, stories and personal style  to be a famous storyteller in India.

To learn more about how to be a Superior storyteller or a public speaker, if you would like to join our team, let us know about your craving for storytellers, past experience and how you can help us grow our capabilities call + 91-805 244 2444 and email- .

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