Storytelling & Drama

Storying, Sociodrama, Role theory & Psychodrama

Our sessions on Storying, Sociodrama, Role theory,  Psychodrama, Physical Theater, Butoh dance and meditation. The art of storytelling and the Expressive technique of theater can heal an individual’s life and helps them to discover, acknowledge and realize their inner potential. These stories and plays enhance skills at work towards the achievement of personal and professional objectives. Our storytelling sessions  in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Lucknow and Bangalore. We also organize storytelling and theater retreats all over the world.

Contact for special  DElotus  Storytelling  Sessions, Workshops,  Holidays & Retreats in Rishikesh & Goa, on 09820 17 17 66 Monday-Sunday between 8am-8pm.

Using Storying and Theatre as Healing Happiness Technique

It is a proven fact that our storytelling training can make you a better communicator. You will find people telling stories all the time, but tell effective and engaging stories, all you need to do is listen and learn carefully and find the right opportunity to narrate your own story. DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM can provide support and stage to revive the art of storytelling and enhance your ability with time.

Storytelling Sessions in Delhi

Storytelling plays a very significant role in the development of the individual’s personality. It is a known fact that everybody loves to tell and listen to stories. Our interactive Storytelling Sessions in Delhi with Sociodrama and Role theory.  In addition, sharing stories with them about the ethnicities and societies will give them a better understanding of their culture and roots where they belong. In addition, storytelling also increases their creativity and expressive  power.

Storytelling & Psychodrama Courses in Mumbai

Research advocates that Storytelling & Psychodrama are the ways  towards a gladder and healthier life.  In addition, it also helps in building bounciness and overcome their forthcoming difficulties. Thus, DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM storytelling technique can empower senior citizens and allows them to disconnect with the past. Our Storytelling & Psychodrama Courses in Mumbai often promotes their self-confidence and is particularly suitable for those who are having suppressed thoughts and emotions. It also alleviates the symptoms of agitation, mental illness as well as depression.

Storytelling in Pune

 At DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM we conduct, facilitate Storytelling in Pune with theater, and dramatics for narrating an individual story, it is also indispensable that the storyteller must be honest and inquire.

Experiences of an esteemed participant:

“I went to my very first storytelling session and realized I really liked this stuff! It took just one session for me to absolutely love it. It was an incredible journey”. Ms. Marilia from Pune


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