Workshops, Courses, Road-Trips, Vacations & Retreats | Pet- Centric

Workshops, Courses, Road-Trips, Vacations & Retreats | Pet- Centric

We humans have an innate tendency to subconsciously seek connections with nature and other forms of life. But unfortunately lack of biophilic activities and  very very less time spent in nature may be strengthening the disconnection  of humans from nature. That culminated into unhealthy disregard for other plants, animals and less appealing wild areas could lead to further ecosystem degradation and species loss. At DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM we are supporting to reestablishing a connection with nature and facilitating Methodical and Spiritual Exploration & experiencing the Healing Bond between Humans and Nature. Because Contact with nature is essential for the holistic  human health and well-being”.

If you love learning, you love sharing, you love getting creative!  And above all you’d love to learn loving unconditionally, and you’d love you to join us.

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Throughout the year we offer a variety of Pet- Centric Workshops, Specialized Courses, Mini Retreats, Weekend Retreats, Road-Trips, Vacations, and Masterclasses. These will provide opportunities to allow you to strengthen and deepen your natural bonding with your pet, enquire into new ways of being and open to new experiences.

Multi-Activity Workshops, Courses, Road-Trips & Retreats | Pet- Centric

  • An overnight camping trip and road trip
  • DOGa- Yoga with pets
  • Pet Partners Storytelling sessions
  • Animal-Assisted Healing
  • human-canine bond exercises and games
  • Animal-Assisted Therapy
  • Pet Photo WalkingTour
  • Pet-Assisted Healing
  • Pet-Assisted Therapy
  • Green exercise
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Forest bathing with Companion pet
  • Mindful Living Techniques

Benefits of Pet- Centric Holidays

  • Improved confidence, social skills, communication, motivation, and concentration
  • Improved physical stamina, fine and gross motor skills
  • Positive identity formation for individuals and nature through Pet companionship
  • Environmentally sustainable & Responsible behaviors
  • Environmental education and eco-literacy
  • Increased knowledge of environment, increased frequency of visiting nature with pets
  • Healthy and safe risk-taking
  • Improved creativity and flexibility
  • Improved professional & Social Excellence
  • Reduced stress and increased patience, self-discipline, capacity for attention, and recovery from mental fatigue
  • Improved higher level cognitive skills

At DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM Our intensive workshops are customized to maximize every opportunity for improving your and your pets Holistic Health. Through collaboration, lively classes and a range of stimulating pet-centric activities.

By DElotus (Flowering of Innate Human Potential)

​ Caution: Before commencing in any of the team building activities and practices described, please consult your physician or other health care professional to determine if these exercises are safe for you. It is always recommended to practice Yoga   or any other Neuromuscular practices under a trained master.

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