Multi-Activity Meditation Retreats and Holidays in Cambodia & Vietnam

Multi-Activity Meditation Retreats and Holidays in Cambodia & Vietnam

The experiential part of Yoga & Mediation Retreat is to offer employable yet practical meditative tools and techniques for re-calibrating your life force. At DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM Our recently concluded Retreat in Cambodia & Vietnam are customized to maximize every opportunity for improving your Holistic Health and Happiness. Through dialogic discussion and debate, lively classes and a range of stimulating yet meditative activities, our participants developed ability, clarity and, most importantly deeper understanding to be meditative.

Spiritual without Rituals

Meditation is a system of spirituality based on the idea of mindfulness. And meditativeness is knowing that the universal rhythm with soul it can’t be just matter, forming part of an invisible whole consisting of revealed and mystical dimensions.

Multi-Activity Meditation Retreats and Holidays in Siem Reap in  Cambodia

Our Multi-Activity Retreats and Holidays are about “re-creating a  knowing of being ”   It helps people identify their own principles and identify the skills and knowledge they have to live these values within themselves. Through the process of identifying the history of ethics in other people’s lives, the facilitator is able to co-create a new story about the person.

Retreats and Holidays with Soul in in Cambodia & Vietnam

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 Road to self-realization with 5 Days Meditation, Yoga Retreat in Cambodia & Vietnam

  • Assess their individual needs for meditation, creative & Spiritual practices
  • Develop new activities and inclinations
  • To improve and enhance your Holistic Health and happiness
  • Apply the meditative and Yogic  techniques
  • Improve synchronization and communiqué.
  • Enable expression of feelings through artistic & Creative means
  • Experience the supremacy the your own higher-self,
  • Re-visiting and realizing our different doable tools and techniques,
  • We will discover how to be aware of altered state
  • Any questions or just want to say namaste and meet us? Book a time below and let’s chat!

Therapies, Theatre, Art, Yoga, Music, Meditation, Martial Arts, Healing I A Syncretic Approach

Exclusive and customized Retreats and Holidays in Vietnam

The Self Development Retreats & Holiday focus upon the fundamental skills necessary to achieve personal accomplishment and pursue self-realization.

Learn  some Yogic & Meditative Life Coaching in Hanoi, Vietnam

Each diverse Retreats & Holiday enable the realization of the awareness of one’s inner reservoir of potentiality, in order to better experience it, specifically in one has to have ecosystem. Our Exclusive and customized Retreats & Holiday with many physical, psychological and spiritual activities in nature, Multi Exploratory activities, Collaborating activities, Physical endurance competitions, intuitive Intelligence challenges with lots of fun!   Our Multi-Activity Retreats & Holiday promise the employability of concepts, confidence, meditative tools and techniques to create a long-term and sustainable spiritual practices.

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 We have also combined many of the Emotional, Bodily, Collaborating, mystical and meditative techniques in our Multi-Activity Retreats and Holidays.  The Multi-Activity Retreats and Holidays include Yoga, Tantra, and Dance & Theater with narrative storytelling to facilitate to create and individual performance while enjoying Holidays.

Multi-Activity Meditation Retreats and Holidays in Cambodia & Vietnam

DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM    Multi-Activity Meditation Retreats and Holidays are available to all ages and abilities.  Multi-Activity Meditation Retreats and Holidays are customized indoor and outdoor yogic and meditative activities.

 By DElotus (Flowering of Innate Human Potential)

​ Caution: Before commencing in any of the Yogic activities and meditative practices described, please consult your physician or other health care professional to determine if these exercises are safe for you. It is always recommended to practice Yoga   or any other neuromuscular practices under a trained master.

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