Hello & Heal

Distance Yogic Therapy: Online & Phone Guided Meditation, YogaNidra & Other Therapies

Welcome to our new and innovative spiritual approach “Hello & Heal “an Internet and phone meditation facilitation that can be a part of a traditional meditative,spiritual and therapeutic practice. A meditation teacher conducts online or phone meditation, yoga nidra, storytelling and talking therapy sessions if you have a super busy life – or if for other reasons find it difficult to attend DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential courses & workshops.

Meditate Better- live better

Find instant support- online Yoga & Other Therapies therapy.

Reasons to Choose Online or Phone sessions if you:

  • Prefer at-home sessions
  • Work shifts and can’t attend
  • Don’t have access to transport
  • Don’t have access to childcare
  • Want to continue while on holiday
  • Similar to face to face session, you will still set up an individual appointment with your facilitator. Sessions typically last for 50 minutes, but other lengths are available.

Let’s Take a Few Minutes and Talk

Interested in Therapies, Guided Meditation, YogNidra…? You can call us at + 91 8948 034 394 (India) or email us at edu@delotus.in. If you email, please leave your telephone number, and we will call you back.

“my concept of meditation, as meditation is not when you sit and do for hours but how you can be in meditative state all day long… I really want to extend my thanks to acharya neeraj founder of delotus, his aura itself make you calm n meditative… Im really looking forward to attend your more and more workshops of delotus..”. ? ? :* :*Garima

Want to talk to someone now? Connect with a (caring and compassionate) trained active listener in a safe space. You can also choose a facilitator for phone/online Guided Meditation.