Magnificent Benefits of Facial Yoga

Magnificent Benefits of Facial Yoga

Your face is the most loved yet partially neglected because the smaller than other muscles in your body like your thigh or back. So the impact of facial exercise is really slow. But if you take DElotus-(Flowering of Innate Human Potential)TM Facial Yoga workshop and session  and can  learn face yoga techniques particularly designed to improve your facial appearance.

Why Facial Yoga

But the fundamental question why do we need face yoga because at DElotus-(Flowering of Innate Human Potential)TM  Facial yoga techniques assists to bring calmness and quietness to mind through simple and effective Facial exercises  and  some breathing techniques, like Sukshma vyayama clubs with facial yoga   puts your concentration and focus on face  to make your face more happy experiences.  Once we can learn how to do face yoga thing then you can easily master your facial empowering expressions. In addition to this DElotus-(Flowering of Innate Human Potential)TM  face yoga techniques reduces  stress and other concerns. Facial Yoga also increases attentiveness and clarity of thoughts.

Face Centric Yoga  with Laughter meditation

Face centric Yog with Laughter meditation improve your face glows through blood circulation, improve joyfulness and holistic health. Our Kapal Randhra Dhauti , kapol shakti vikasak,  Purna Bhuja Shakti Vikasak, Vaksha Sthal Shakti Vikasak, udara shakti vikasaka, Griva shakti Vikasaka , Bhujballi shakti vikasak,  Poorna bhuja shakti vikasak  and  kapol shakti vikasak kriya and so many other workable   yogic techniques.  You can easily learn and share theses simple yet very effective techniques to take active participation in the yogic lifestyle

Realated –5 Tibetan Rites and Face Yoga

Face yoga is not just for  face but also for your mind

In realty Face Yoga   is deeper inner understanding to understand and accept your  physical aging  and emotional issues associated with it  but true cheerfulness is to  unifying tools and techniques  you can combine . It just not only deals with Facial muscles but also mental. Our  Face yoga  combined with sukshma vyayama  help you to connect your body, mind and soul. DElotus-(Flowering of Innate Human Potential)TM FACE YOGA, breathing exercises  and meditational techniques increase a healthy way of life and to accept the age more gracefully.  Face firming yogic techniques      can uproot deep sense fear of aging.  One of the most significant benefits of face yoga is ever increasing sense of awareness which develops with old age.

Love you all! Tune to yourself

By DElotus (Flowering of Innate Human Potential)


Caution: Before commencing in any of the Face yoga workshop & practices described, please consult your physician or other health care professional to determine if these exercises are safe for you. It is always recommended to practice 5 rites of Face yoga workshop or any other technique under a trained master.

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