Creative, Vertical, Lateral & Critical Thinking

Ignite Creative Thinking to Realise Innate Potential

Our Creative Thinking Training and Techniques cover the fundamental philosophy of Embodied cognition  and Thinking systems; emotional appropriateness, Handling With Emotions, Overcoming phobias, Managing Stress and most important developing Confidence.  DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM Creative Thinking Sessions with the Power of creative Thinking Techniques via reasoning, our Workshop & courses on Vertical as well as Lateral Thinking at Rishikesh, Goa, Lucknow, Noida, Surat, Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi NCR, India. Storytelling Techniques for Trainers and Teachers

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What Are The Benefits Of Creative Thinking?

  • What is Creative Thinking? And its benefits. A combination of theory and practice will give you a practical foundation or enhancing your existing Creative Thinking Practice.
  • The simple Creative Thinking tools and techniques to overcome unnecessary counterfactual thinking, Insecurities, irrational phobias, stimulates out of the Box/BOSS  thinking
  • Creative Thinking for achieving Social and professional aptness objectives.
  • Creative Thinking Courses, Workshop & Retreats offer an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Thinking and Critical thinking for different individuals and circumstances. The Creative Thinking workshop in Delhi will provide you with indispensable capabilities in specific areas with its self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking.

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Creative, Vertical, Lateral & Critical Thinking

Creative, Vertical, Lateral & Critical Thinking courses and workshops help one understand the effects of events and concerns in a personal life, and opportunities and success in one’s professional career.

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Holistic Self-Development Multi-Activity Centre: Mind, Body and Spirit

Our Creative, Vertical, Lateral & Critical Thinking Courses, Workshop & Speaking Seminars would bring employable, deployable and useable benefits of Academic, Social, Spiritual, Emotional and holistic learning. We care deeply about Holistic growth and Self-development for addressing Psychological, Cognitive, Social, Attitudinal and Behavioural challenges. DElotus Advaya Holistic Health   Solutions Pvt. ltd   is an ecosystem of Cultural, Artistic, Linguistic, Self-growth, and Health & Wellness Multi-Activity Centre. We offer Courses, Workshop, Speaking Seminars Retreats, Workshops, Road-trips, Sessions, Courses,  Holiday & Training for Teacher-Leaders.

Creative Thinking workshops in India

It supports the idea that the process of exploring and experiencing  Creative and critical  Thinking Courses, Workshop & Retreats promotes Accomplish constancy both socially and emotionally, Grow physiological maturity, manage  anger and aggression, Perform at a higher level in classrooms and boardrooms, Improve personal and professional life. 

Additional Details:

  • All Creative Thinking courses in Mumbai are appropriate for all levels, including beginners; you do not need any prior experience to embark on learning our Creative Thinking Courses, Workshop & Retreats at Rishikesh, Goa, Kerala, Lucknow & delhi, India. All that is required is ability, motivation and willingness to learn, attend and participate as frequently as possible.
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Experiences of a recent participant:

“Thank you so much Acharya Neeraj, such a  critical Creative Thinking workshop in Bandra. I’m really thankful for your thinking strategic and practical processes. Looking forward for more guidance in future.”- Ananya  from  Mumbai.

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Caution: Before commencing in any of the Creative Thinking techniques & practices described, please consult your physician or other health care professional to determine if these exercises are safe for you. It is always recommended to practice life-skills or any other technique under a trained master.

 By DElotus| Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM