DElotus Teachers Training Courses and Programs

सत्यं बृहदृतमुग्रं दीक्षा तपो ब्रह्म यज्ञः पृथिवीं धारयन्ति 
सा नो भूतस्य भव्यस्य पत्न्युरुं लोकं पृथिवी नः कृणोतु ॥१॥

Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (RYTT)


Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are gentle, regenerative practices where all the poses are done on the floor, supported by props, to encourage deep relaxation, a natural opening of the joints and optimal energy flow through the body.

DElotus Teachers Training in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Goa, Kerala, Thailand, Bali & Rishikesh India.

Deepen your yoga practice in the ravishing Rishikesh! This 200-hour program is designed to help you find your own personal path among the different and numerous approaches and techniques that exist in the world of yoga. Apart from daily practice, you will receive full support from instructors who will facilitate your learning and answer any questions you may have during the training. This program will be true immersion at the finest!

Total All-Inclusive COR (Cost On Request)


  • 2 daily yoga practices
  • 3 hours of lecture everyday
  • Courses on asana, Tai Chi,  pranayama, anatomy
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Daily wholesome vegetarian meals
  • 11nights’ accommodation
  • Training manuals


  • Restorative
  • Nidra
  • Karma
  • Bhakti
  • Jnana
  • Yin
  • Tai chi


  • Instruction language: English
  • Spoken languages: English & Hindi

Daily schedule

  • 08:00-10:00 Morning Yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts Meditation Practices
  • 10:00-10:30 Breakfast
  • 10:30-16:00 Adventure time: hiking, discovering local gastronomy, and meditative walking, forest bathing, Nordic walking; optional sports: rafting, Bungy jumping, and other adventure sports.
  • 16:00-18:00 Evening yoga practice, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra,
  • 18:30-19:30 dinner
  • 20:30-22:00 Evening meditative fire (taking place around the bonfire, candles or fireflies) and activities such as meditation, physical active meditation, storytelling, and sound yoga healing


Rishikesh is a city in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges river. The river is considered holy, and the city is renowned as a center for studying yoga and meditation. Temples and ashrams line the eastern bank around Tapovan, a traffic-free, alcohol-free, and vegetarian enclave, upstream from the Rishikesh town. Pranayama, Meditation, appetizing cuisine Rishikesh is truly a divine center which facilitates spiritual growth. That’s why people refer to Rishikesh as the world capital of Yoga! We also offer Teachers Training Programs in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Goa, Kerala, Thailand, & Bali India.

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We offer a variety of locations to completely immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle. All our yoga certifications include meals and accommodation. Prices starting at $2050.