Creative Volunteer Programs & Internships

Stop Searching for Hands-on, Creative, Unique, Experiential, Fulfilling Internship!

We Are Looking Out For Artists, Hybrid App Developer, Theater Practitioners, Actors, Dancers, Social Media Experts, Video Editor, Photographers, Poets, Painters, Sculptors, Therapist, Storytellers, Writers, Yoga, Meditation Instructors / Newbies And Whizzes Having Skills In Multiple Preventive Wellness Domains. We Have Pan India Presence And Are Curating A Huge Team. Kindly send across your profiles at

ontact for Volunteer Opportunities on 09820 17 17 66 Monday-Sunday between 8am-8pm

Become a DElotus Workshop Facilitator, Yoga Instructors, Retreat Leaders & Opportunities for Students / Serious Seekers

It all comes down to Yoga or “Unification,” as it is truly understood in Sanskrit.

The rich tradition of Yoga goes far beyond the practice of Asana, or physical postures. It is a path of Meditation, Mindfulness, Martial Arts, and Breathwork, as well as stretching and strengthening the body to remove obstacles to realizing pure consciousness as explained in the philosophical texts of the Yoga Sutras and other ancient writings.

Your focus should be on designing and facilitating DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM  wellness workshops, programs, courses, TTC & retreats, processes creatively, enabling participants to contribute equally, to be heard and to be involved in the final outcome. Please get in touch to find out about Internships we offer.


Getting involved with the DElotus Advaya Holistic Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an exceedingly satisfying, enjoyable experience and there are a dozen different ways to make a difference, so join us ….

Volunteer Yoga Instructor Program (VYIP)

Nishkama Karma Yoga | निष्काम कर्मयोग

DElotus Advaya Holistic Health   Solutions Pvt. ltd is rising and expanding and we are reaching out to the larger social base to convey and communicate effectively about   our distinguishability: We at DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM keep reminding our new students, serious seekers, attendees and volunteers that even though we may incorporate and celebrate the work and discoveries of great masters in their fields. The joys, struggles, limitations and temptations we face are ours alone. Every one of us is equal, blessed in one way or another. But none of us is identical. Every face is a story in itself, unique and irreplaceable. So, come and join our ever growing gang. Being a volunteer gives you an opportunity to come and experience DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM in a very unique way. You become a fundamental part of our community and our special way of life. We are opening our doors for anyone and everyone who know as an experiential   truth “Nishkama Karma Yoga”   and will to listen & Learn More. Our community consists of the guests, Seekers, Students, other instructors, Therapy Dogs Maximus – Marcus, tour guides, drivers and many others who are a part of our eco-system, for more information please mail us at  .

Help us raise awareness of the DElotus Advaya Holistic Health Solutions Pvt.Ltd initiatives and philosophy behind personal growth and development,  support us so that more and more people would be attentive about their Well-Being and Happiness and not just physical health but also emotional, financial and spiritual health.

Spread the word on social media about our Well-Being Concepts by sharing with your friends and families.

The challenges and issues of everyday life touch everyone in one way or another. Our volunteers are always ready to support others. We provide comprehensive training for Creating a Life we all Love.

We are extremely lucky to have many wonderful people volunteer their time and energy to help us and experience great opportunity to learn new techniques and tools for Personal Growth and Development.